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APRIL 2013


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The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) just announced that it has designated June 6, 2013 as the date when it will act on the Nasdaq Stock Market’s proposed new rule which would require its listed companies to establish an internal audit function.


The new rule was proposed by NASDAQ in late February in an effort to align itself with the New York Stock Exchange. It has been in the comment phase according to the SEC, which just decided to extend the period for SEC action to June 6th.


If enacted, this internal audit function would be required to provide management and the audit committee with ongoing assessments of the company’s risk management processes and system of internal control. In addition, the rule would require the audit committee to meet periodically with the company’s internal auditors (or other personnel responsible for this function) and discuss the responsibilities, budget, and staffing of the company’s internal audit function with the outside auditors.


What is the impact to Nasdaq-listed companies?
  • Larger companies: These companies already maintain an internal audit function that would meet the requirements of the rule. No impact.
  • Accelerated filers: These companies must have an annual audit of the effectiveness of their internal financial and reporting controls as part of their Sarbanes Oxley compliance. As such these companies probably have the equivalent of an internal audit or other independent party that performs the functions required under the proposed rule. These companies should review existing procedures to assure it also would meet the requirements of the new rule. Impact not significant.   
  • Smaller companies: Smaller companies that currently are not required to have an annual audit of the effectiveness of their internal financial and reporting controls would need to hire internal auditors that report directly to the audit committee, or must find other means of complying with this requirement. These companies would be permitted to outsource their internal audit function to a third-party service provider such as another independent accounting firm.  It is important that companies currently without an internal audit function address this issue prior to the end of 2013. Impact very significant.

         The proposal would require companies listed on Nasdaq on or before June 30, 2013 to establish an internal audit function by no later than December 31, 2013. Companies which list after June 30, 2013 will be required to establish an internal audit function PRIOR to listing.

     While the change in the rule is consistent with the movement for increased corporate governance, smaller companies will be most impacted by a significant increase in costs to their already tight operating budgets. Many of these companies may decide the new requirement too onerous and move to an alternate exchange. This will also become a factor for late-stage private companies as they weigh the cost of going public and deciding where best to be listed.


For more information on this new proposal, please contact:

Corey Fischer, CPA

Managing Partner, Los Angeles




Corey Fischer is the Firm Managing Partner.

With more than 25 years of experience, he has worked extensively with large national CPA firms, and also has been an SEC reporting officer for a number of NASDAQ listed companies. Corey is an expert in financial reporting, SEC compliance, raising debt and equity, mergers and acquisitions, and structuring accounting operations. His unique combination of public and private accounting experience gives him a thorough understanding of both the financial and operational needs of public companies worldwide in the following industry sectors: Consumer Products, Distribution, Clean Energy, Life Sciences, Entertainment and Leisure Time Industries.

Weinberg & Company News:


Weinberg & Company continues to win client engagements, experiencing a noteworthy increase in the number of clients added in the first quarter of 2013, predominantly in the  Leisure Time and Life Sciences industries.

This builds on successes in 2012, earning recognition from industry peers.   Recently, Weinberg & Company was highlighted in Accounting Today’s First Annual Scorecard for New SEC Audit Clients as one of the auditors who “turned in noteworthy performances.”

The survey, published in the February 27, 2013 edition, was based on tracking by audit analysis provider Audit Analytics, which compared audit client wins and losses from Big 4-sized to regional accounting firms.


In the “Beyond the Big Four” section, Accounting Today said, “Finally, we’ll shine a spotlight on Weinberg & Co., the only non-Top 100 Firm to break into the top ranks of audit fees for new client engagements. With over $4 million from its net eight new clients, it truly punched above its weight, joining the likes of the Big Four firms, Grant Thornton and Crowe Horwath.


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