Over 25 years ago, I recognized a trend that I felt would serve neither clients nor my profession.

The largest of the large CPA firms began merging together. Once known as The Big 8, they continued to merge their way into conglomerated behemoths—until there were but four left. Their single-minded quest to be the biggest of the big, however, came with a steep price– the elimination of personal client service.

At the same time, many midsized CPA firms seemed to get a whiff of what the “big boys” were doing and launched midsized versions of merger madness–euphemistically called regionalization. Once again, client service paid the price.

Against this backdrop we opened our doors. Nothing extravagant or earth shaking. It was just a few CPA professionals with a few simple but solid core beliefs.

Client service was at the top of our list, but so too were reasonable fees; incompatible concepts at most other accounting firms. We pledged not to compromise on either.

We embraced, maybe even invented, a novel idea: if we assembled the most knowledgeable accounting professionals with the experience and expertise in the specific industries and practice areas they served, we could actually provide that high level of client service more efficiently and thus reduce the number of billable hours too.

It worked. We grew.

Our growth has been most satisfying because it happened for all the right reasons: clients liked that we focused more on their needs instead of ours. And they really appreciated our more reasonable fees.

From a few CPA professionals and a few core beliefs, I am proud that Weinberg & Company has grown and now competes with the best and biggest national firms.

Nothing complicated here— we just wanted to be “simply the right choice” for our clients.

When we first opened our doors we’d begin each engagement with a question. Today, over 25 years later, we still ask:  How may we serve you?

Elliott A. Weinberg, CPA
Founding Partner, Board Chairman

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